Alanis Morissette: Intervista esclusiva per Cinescape (Peru)
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10/09/2003: News - Interviste e dichiarazioni
 Intervista esclusiva per Cinescape (Peru)
Alanis conferma gli ultimi preparativi per l'album

Alla vigilia della sua prossima data peruviana del tour 2003 Alanis rilascia a Bruno Pinasco di Cinescape interessanti dichiarazioni riguardo il suo nuovo lavoro e il suo prossimo video. Ecco l'intervista diffusa dall'emittente peruviana:

"I'm finishig mixing the song excuses. We have to record 4 more songs and then we are done", says Alanis

- whats your procedure to write?
generally is something that i have write in my journal....before i think of what i want the song to be about, starting from a sentence. if that doesnt happen, i usually stop for a while.

- you have also directed videos, are you still doing it?
i would. i think im getting more balance while im growing, i'm doing a thousand things at a time, but i wouldnt mind to have other person directing the next video

- tell me about your career as an actriz
i was doing a little of everything.

- you were god in dogma?
yes, it was fun. i love working with people that i can connect and colaborate with. i'll shoot a movie soon in january. i dont know how much i am supposed to talk about that because i have no permission.

- but is a romantic comedy or an action one?
no, its action.........intelectual action (laughs)

- where do yo keep your awards?
i have them stored. i think i would feel stressed when everytime i see them . i still cant believe what is happening to my carrer

- do you like listening to your own songs?
right now i'm mixing, so i dont want to hear anything that comes from myself for a couple of weeks.

- but in another ocations?
yes, i like to listen to them

- and are you self-critical or do you simply enjoy it?
i enjoy it, especially when the album is finished. i dont start to think of the details because that ship has sailed.

- when you have a loy of songs written and you shoul pick 10 or 8 for the album, is it hard?
it was because i used to write 25 songs while i was recording the album and then i decided no to, because when i write too many songs i get tired a lot. and i ended up hating the creative process, so i stopped. this time i wrote like 16 songs, so it was easy.

she would like to make some tourism

- to plan a tour, i imagine that must be tedious.
i dont get too involve in what refers to plan the tour, but i do have moments of inspiration about where do i want to go. south america is a place that i always wanted to come back, and asia. but now i miss australia and i want to go because we didnt go the last time.

- this is your first time in peru. what are your expectations?
im very exited to travel is one of the things that i like doing the most.

- are you planning to go to Cusco or Machu Picchu? or your schedule is very strict?
it is a little adjusted because it becomes very expensive if you make tourism in each city... but i woul like to see a little and i want to return.

- have you had the chance to listen to latin music?
when i travel i always call someone i know or someone from the record company to share with me some of the music the like.

- could you invite the public that will see you this 21?
hi everyone in Peru, i dont see the hour of arriving and i invite you to be with me and my band 21 of september, so we'll see each other soon.

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