Alanis Morissette: Nuova diary entry
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02/01/2004: News - Interviste e dichiarazioni
 Nuova diary entry
Del 1 gennaio 2004

hey each of you angels

having the best time here in california with family and ryan and friends and alone time

i am sending you each love whether you are surrounded by love and family, or torturously alone, or surrounded, torturously by family :) :)

this new year already feels amazing.

been resting a lot (napping, what concept!)

and sitting by the fire.

been reading a lot of ekhart tolle and david sedaris and rilke.

been eating a lot of clementines (addictive).

been learning more about chakras and asia and bowled my ass off the other night (beat the boys, which is something that my uncle, hysterically, told me never to do :)

so looking forward to sharing my record in the new year (i think march)...finishing up the art work over the next few weeks etc.

lots of photos to come.

i love you guys.

i'm going out to play games tonight with friends. promises to be laughter filled, and, maybe a little violent with the spoon game we play sometimes.

been thinking so much about mutuality and reciprocity and sharing of oneself over the last few days, and how intimately connected i feel when i share and then listen, share and then listen.

off to eat.

i love you so much, thanks for your kindness and support and beauty this last year.

i wish you each gentleness and true-to-you-ness in 2004.

with you with you as you fly.


ps: i am reaching out for help more than i ever have, and i can't recommend it enough, so if this holiday time is kind of kicking your ass, i so support you in reaching out to a wise and great listening soul.

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