Alanis Morissette: Ufficiale: 'So-Called Chaos' il 13 Aprile
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16/01/2004: News - Prossimo album
 Ufficiale: 'So-Called Chaos' il 13 Aprile
Dalla Maverick: Everything diffuso dal 23 Febbraio

Ecco quello che potete leggere direttamente da una press release della Maverick:



"I want to invite this so-called chaos that you think I dare not be"
--from the song "So-Called Chaos”

ALANIS MORISSETTE will release her new album SO-CALLED CHAOS April 13 on Maverick Records. Co-produced by ALANIS, John Shanks and Tim Thorney, the album features 10 new songs written by ALANIS that set her free-flowing vocals, luminescent melodies and fervent introspection in a seamless mix of rock, pop, folk, electronic and Eastern stylings. The seven-time Grammy Award winner will shoot a video for the album’s first single “Everything”-due out February 23.

SO-CALLED CHAOS marks ALANIS’ fourth Maverick studio album, following 2002’s three million worldwide-seller, the critically acclaimed UNDER RUG SWEPT, which she also wrote and self-produced. SO-CALLED CHAOS also comes on the heels of FEAST ON SCRAPS, the combination DVD/CD package (released in late 2002) that contained eight songs that didn't make it onto UNDER RUG SWEPT.

This time around, MORISSETTE chose to share producing responsibilities. “I had spent a few years rising to my own occasion in terms of wanting to see, out of curiosity, what producing a record on my own would be like,” Morissette explains. “Then once I tasted what that was like, I realized my favorite aspect of making a record was the writing of it. This way was so much more relaxing for me.”

The sessions for SO-CALLED CHAOS--held primarily at Groove Masters studio in Santa Monica, California--featured performances from MORISSETTE’s touring band (guitarists David Levita and Jason Orme; bassist Eric Avery; keyboardist Zac Rae; and drummer Blair Sinta) as well as some favorite associates of Shanks, including drummer Kenny Aronoff.

SO-CALLED CHAOS builds on elements from all of ALANIS’ albums: it moves from the rockers “Eight Easy Steps” and “Excuses,” to the mid-tempo, introspective pop songs “Out Is Through” and “Everything,” to songs like “So-Called Chaos” and “Spineless,” both of which combine emotionally gripping lyrics with adventurous soundscapes.

MORISSETTE is excited to take the songs from SO-CALLED CHAOS on the road. “I am beside myself with anticipation to tour,” she says. “I’m really excited to travel the world even more than I have over the last couple of years. In keeping with wanting my life to be a little bit more balanced, I’d love to make it that I’m touring whether I have a record out or not, and the tours themselves won’t be breakneck year-and-a-half tours. I choose to balance everything out a little bit more. We also recorded 14 acoustic songs from the last five records--including this one—with the intention of releasing that mid year. I am inspired to balance my energy expenditure and my energy rejuventation, regardless of what it is that I’m doing with my days.”

The complete track listing for SO-CALLED CHAOS:
Eight Easy Steps
Out Is Through
Doth I Protest Too Much
Knees Of My Bees
Not All Me
So-Called Chaos
This Grudge

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